Women Are Also to be Blamed

Some women believe that their beauty is determined on how exposed their boobs are or how short or tight their shirt and trousers are. We see today in either movies or video clip women wit little or no clothing in the name of being stars. We all know even though it is assumed by many that women are the weaker sex, men are even weaker in front of an exposed tight or boobs.
The next thing will be rape and when the man Is asked y, he will say he was attracted by her almost naked body, even if we know some men don’t stop at that to commit rape.
Women should command respect in their dressing and the way they carry themselves. There is nothing bad with looking responsible and sexy at the same time.


Gender spy


Women and Their Triple Roles

Women still carry along with them all of the burden. They have to take care of the house, the children and the husband. But yet despite all of these efforts, she is not recognized by the society in which she finds herself in.
In the Cameroonian society, the triple role of women( child being, caring and community) has become a loop hole where people judge whether u are a good wife, good mother or an assert to your community. Women have the right to make their choices. They should be the one to decide when to get married how many child the want to have and the type of jobs they want to do. The Cameroonian law that gives the man an upper hand to determine his wife’s choice of job should be amended. Women have always been good managers at home, its time they start managing banks, ministries, and y not the country.

Gender spy

laugh out loud

A very beautiful lady gets into a barbing salon and greets both the barber and the client. The client turns to the lady and says “wow baby u look amazing i will like u to be my woman” and the lady says,” i am married” then the man says to her “don’t worry you can tell you husband you were delayed at work or you have some catch up to do at work then you come and meet me in my house”. the lady says no need you just told him. In your opinion what hair cut will the barber(the husband) give the man?.

Culture Good or bad?


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cameroon is very rich culture wise as we have over 200 different cultural heritages. culture is a great tool for identification especially in a foriegn land. but do women enjoy these culture when we pass the fancy dresses and the traditional events?. some cultures do not accept women to own property. in the north west region of cameroon there some money  is a saying when a woman is married that ” property cannot own property”. women are refered to as property here because their parents recieved some money as  dowry.

in that same part of the country women use to be buried with their husbans or forced to drink water from their husbands corpse especially if she is suspected to have a hand in his death.

with the dualas it is different as when a women loss the husband she is not aloud to take a bath, sleep alone or have a dierrect contact with another person.

the laws of cameroon are doing practically nothing when this happens. this might lead to her falling sick or even dying as a result of an infection.



hello everyone its been quite some time since my holiday began. So i am cuurently in the north region of cameroon where i am doing an internship at CRTV garoua.



Hope you all enjoy your your holidays. The minister of agriculture and rural development is in the north region for a two day visit.


Cameroon Radio & Television

Cameroon Radio & Television (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Français : Marche a Garoua,Nord, Cameroon. The...

Français : Marche a Garoua,Nord, Cameroon. The Market in Garoua, Nord, Cameroon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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Students of the University of Buea are currently writing their second semester exams. After the numerous distractions of the semester like the  university games and the stricks, students have been putting their notes and ideas together as it is time to rip what they sewed. In the same line some students are already done with their courses and are enjoying their freedom. For final year students this is the time to run around supervisors for the approval of project drafts. Well as for me i am writing JMC 414, online journalism tomorrow wish me luck.


English: central building of the University of...

 University of Buea central administration






well secured with a fence around it

well secured with a fence around it

The Cameroon film industry is taking a bold step ahead as Buea in the southwest region has a new film training academy. This first badge of 20 students are part of the Buea Film Academy an initiative of the ministry of vocational training and supervised by the ministry of culture. This academy if found in the Bwitingi neighborhood in buea with at its head Mr. Bill Jr a Hollywood editor in Cameroon for a voluntary service at the 7th day adventist health centre, soppo. This academy offers programs for actors, directors, film directors and directors of photography. This  institution also offers scholarships to meritorious students and has programmes ranging from one month to two years with full registration starting in October. To have more information on this academy go on to their website atpresent actors and future stars WWW.buea film academy.com.

Mr Bill and his studnts

Mr Bill and his students



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A sat outside his  house after a bitter divorce and noticed a crate of beer bottles.

He took out an empty bottle and smashed it into the wall swearing

” you are the reason I don’t have a wife”, smashed the 2nd and said

”you are the reason i don’t have children” smashed the 3rd

” you are the reason i don’t have a job” he noticed the forth bottle was still sealed and full of beer he says

” stand aside i know you where not involved. you are not like others

A set of beer bottles

A set of beer bottles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)